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There is a revolution in spaceflight and space technology happening, and surprisingly little knowledge about the sheer scale of what is happening, even among experts. I created Planetocracy as an educational resource to help people understand this.

If you’re curious about the name, I explain here

Each month I do a Mass Value Report which updates and analyses the figures for the current space economy, and provides future predictions. In between, I write on space history, new space projects, and sometimes opinion pieces.

I am also engaged in campaigning - at the moment gathering signatures for a petition to the UK government to build a heavy lift space port here. If you are a UK resident, please sign here. If not, please forward to someone you know in the UK.

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Some of my work is going behind a paywall; Mass Value Reports are time consuming to make and I believe are the most valuable for readers, so only those will initially be for paid subscribers. I will leave the top line figures each month above the pay line for casual readers, and reserve the deep dive part of the report for my supporters.

Its roughly equivalent to buying someone a coffee each month to hear the latest insights into the human expansion into space.

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